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Worried About Losing Your Home?

Even the best of us can experience rough times.  When you're between jobs, overwhelmed by medical bills, separating from your spouse or having a hard time juggling expenses, foreclosure can pop up like a nightmare that makes you want to scream from the stress.

I'm Lance Young, with The House Savers, and I make foreclosure nightmares go away.  I take your case in hand, investigate your options and use our decades of experience with mortgage companies and banks to negotiate on your behalf.  I take care of all the paperwork involved for you.

Even if you've missed several payments in a row, even if have much less than you owe, even if you're out of a job at the moment, even if the auction date is set, and especially if you're ready to fall apart from the confusion of all the legal papers, certified letters and solicitations coming your way, I can save your home.

No-risk help for all 50 states

You do not have to file bankruptcy, sign over your house to me or anyone else, take out another loan, or move out of your house.  You don't have to pay me a nickel until after I've spoken with you and determined that I can stop your foreclosure.

I've helped many families who thought their situation was hopeless!  When I take your case, you're protected by an iron-clad money-back guarantee:  If I do not stop the foreclosure, you receive back everything you paid me for my help.

If you're seriously behind on your mortgage, the clock is ticking, and the problem will not get resolved on its own.  Get help while there's still time to save your home.

I save homes!  It's a free call, so phone me now at 1-866-415-HELP (1-866-415-4357).  Let us make that nightmare go away, by stopping foreclosure legally and at no risk to you whatsoever.

Call me today at 1-866-415-HELP (1-866-415-4357) for personal, expert assistance in stopping foreclosure - guaranteed!

We Save Homes from Foreclosure
- Guaranteed!

There's no time to lose.  For a free, no-obligation consultation on whether or not we can help you, call us now, toll-free: 1-866-415-HELP. 
"Thank you for saving my home!"

"Lance, thank you for your assistance to me during my recent home foreclosure ordeal.  I appreciate your patience and professionalism.  I appreciate your 'getting the job done' for me with the highest caliber of performance.  You definitely know what you are doing!  

"Anyone I encounter needing to stop foreclosure, I will send to you with my sincerest confidence.  God bless you, and thank you again." - Kay Engle, Arlington, Virginia 

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