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About Lance and Karen, 
The House Savers

Lance Young's expertise in stopping foreclosure is grounded in more than 18 years of experience in real estate. His specialty is negotiating with lenders to help homeowners out of foreclosure.

In 1987, Lance realized that he could help people save their homes from foreclosure by working carefully and closely with homeowners and their banks or mortgage companies. He found that he had a gift for saving people's homes and used his understanding of how lenders think to help those who were in danger of losing their home.

"Many families have hit a temporary 'bump in the road' and need guidance and assistance in getting back on track with their mortgage payments," Lance says. "They're serious about wanting to stay in their home, but have been getting nowhere with their bank or mortgage company.  I get great satisfaction out of solving the problem for each homeowner - saving their home."

Karen Clements had spent nearly 20 years in the business world when she heard about Lance Young's business that helped families facing foreclosure.  Lance agreed to mentor Karen, and in the last five years she has personally saved more than 300 homes from foreclosure.

"People feel scared and desperate in this situation.  They're trying to live up to their responsibilities, but the lender doesn't believe anything they say," states Karen.  "I know how to fight through the barriers to get straight answers and make a deal that both the homeowner and the mortgage company can live with."

Saving homes takes top-notch communication skills, persistence, and knowledge of what lenders want and need to stop foreclosure, Karen notes - all of which she has.  She's also a great listener and rejoices with each client when the deal is done and the home is saved. 

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Points to remember about foreclosure

  • Many responsible families get behind in their mortgage payments because of a death, divorce, illness or job loss.  Banks and mortgage companies don't like to foreclose, but don't see it as their job to help you solve the problem, either.
  • Bankruptcy is not a solution if you want to stay in your home.  Declaring bankruptcy does delay foreclosure, but it does not stop it and does not save your home.
  • Are you willing to sell your home to avoid foreclosure?  If so, deal with a reputable real estate agent who charges the regular sales commission.
  • Beware of any deal that sounds too good to be true, like promises to wipe out your whole mortgage debt without payments.
  • Prevent further damage to your credit history by avoiding both bankruptcy and foreclosure.  We can help!
  • Stopping foreclosure means you become current on your mortgage, protect your investment in your home, and most important, stay in your home.

Let us save your home - call us today at 1-866-415-HELP (1-866-415-4357)!


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