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House Savers!

When you call us, you're not calling a boiler-room of scripted phone operators.  You're calling two real foreclosure-stopping experts, Lance Young and Karen Clements, who help real families who are seriously behind on their mortgage.

More than 80% of the time, one of us directly takes your call or phones you back within an hour.  Otherwise, we call you back promptly.  

After your free, no-obligation consultation, you'll know whether or not we can help you, as we've helped so many other families in the last 18 years.

Our complete contact information

107 S. West Street, Suite 111
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Toll-free:  1-866-415-HELP (1-866-415-4357)
Email:  support@thehousesavers.com

No one except the two of us will know you called us.  It's free and fast.  So why not give us the opportunity to save your home?

Protect your hard-earned equity, resolve your overdue debt, avoid bankruptcy and safeguard your future. Call us today at 1-866-415-HELP (1-866-415-4357)!
Get a callback at your convenience and on our dime.  Simply fill out this form.  Your privacy is respected!
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