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Stopping Foreclosure: 
Questions and Answers

What if I have poor credit? 
No problem at all. In fact, your credit history is irrelevant. We know how mortgage lenders think, and we negotiate with them on your behalf without any reference to your credit rating. Once we stop foreclosure and save your home, we’ve also put you on the road to a better credit rating in the future.

What if I lost my job?
That's not necessarily a problem, either.  We'll be able to tell you that for sure during your free initial consultation.  We've saved the homes of many, many families where no one was employed at the moment and who thought their situation was hopeless.

We have so little money! Can you still help?
In most cases, yes.  During your free, no-obligation consultation we'll get basic information from you.  We take your case only when we're 100% certain we can stop foreclosure and save your house.  And we back that certainty up with an ironclad money-back guarantee.

The auction is already scheduled. Is there still time to save our home?
Yes!  Your home can be saved even if the auction is already scheduled.  We typically need a minimum of just one week to get the foreclosure auction stopped and save your home.

How much will it cost to stop our foreclosure?
The initial no-obligation consultation is free.  Every case is different, so we can't answer this question further on a Q&A page.  At the end of the free consultation, you'll know how much it will cost for us to save your house, and you can then decide whether or not you'd like us to go ahead and stop the foreclosure for you. 

Can you help if there’s no foreclosure but we're way behind on mortgage payments and very worried about losing our home? Absolutely!  Why wait until your lender is breathing down your neck to straighten out your overdue debt?  We save homes, whether or not foreclosure has been set in motion.

Do you have a free report that explains how I can stop foreclosure on my own?
No.  You've probably already exhausted all the options you could try on your own.  If you're seriously behind on your mortgage payments, we can use our 18+ years of experience and top-flight negotiation skills to make foreclosure go away.  Remember, we guarantee success!  

Do you help people in my state?
If you live in the United States, yes.  We help homeowners in all 50 states.

How can you help us if our lender already refused to give us a break?
We know how to find the right person in a huge bureaucracy to talk to who is willing to help you, and we know how to present your case so that they'll work things out with you.  And to be frank, we have more credibility with a lender than the homeowner does, who is facing foreclosure for having broken their promise to pay the mortgage every month.  

When they learn you've hired us, mortgage companies and banks are impressed with your seriousness to save your home.

Discuss your situation with the experts, and then relax with a guaranteed solution on the way. Call us today at 1-866-415-HELP (1-866-415-4357) for your free, confidential consultation!
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More questions and answers

How should I respond to all the legal papers I’m receiving?
After we take your case, send or fax them all to us.  We'll sort through them for you and tell you which ones require you to take some action and which ones you can ignore.  When your foreclosure stopping deal is completed, we prepare all the paperwork for you, making the process easy and convenient.

Are you going to tell us to file bankruptcy?
No.  Bankruptcy is never a good solution for families who are behind on their mortgage.  Bankruptcy may delay foreclosure, but it doesn't stop it and does not save your home.  

Are you attorneys?
No.  We are foreclosure stopping specialists with more than five years of experience saving homes for more than 300 families each.

Have you ever helped homeowners up against my lender?
Maybe yes, maybe no.  But whether your bank is one of the nation's largest or a small community bank, whether your loan is with a big mortgage company or the government, we can help.

How are you different from other foreclosure stopping services? 
Thanks for asking!  First, we’re not a big impersonal company using scripted telephone operators.  You talk only to TheHouseSavers.com partners Lance Young or Karen Clements. 

Second, Lance has more than 18 years of first-hand experience and Karen more than five negotiating with banks and other mortgage lenders on behalf of homeowners.  

And third, we guarantee our 100% success rate.  We work hard to save homes for our clients, and our techniques produce success.

It's free and fast to call us.  Why not give us the opportunity to save your home?  Contact us at 1-866-415-HELP (1-866-415-4357) to get the countdown to foreclosure stopped, once and for all!


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