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Stopping Foreclosure: How We Help

Here is what happens after you make the call for your free, no-obligation consultation.  

First, you'll be talking with either Lance Young or Karen Clements, foreclosure stopping experts who have each personally saved more than 300 homes, not with a phone-bank operator going by a script. 

You'll answer a few straightforward questions that give us an accurate picture of your current circumstances and your debt.  If we're certain we can stop foreclosure and save your home, as we've done for so many families in more than 10 years, we'll say so.  In the rare instance where we can't help, we'll tell you that right away.

There's no pressure on you to decide then and there.  We answer your questions honestly and to the best of our ability.  If you decide to go ahead and use our services, we'll tell you exactly what else we need from you in the way of paperwork from your lender.

We take the burden off you

When you face the possibility of foreclosure, you're often receiving lots of scary-sounding, hard to understand documents.  As our client, you can send all those daunting papers to us, and we'll sort through which require any action on your part and which don't.

Next, our fact-finding analysis of your options often includes much back-and-forth negotiation on your behalf with the representative of your mortgage lender who has the power to cancel the foreclosure. 

Nothing gets settled without your agreement!  We speak the language of bankers and mortgage companies, but we also speak yours.  We'll explain to you in plain English the best option for saving your home.

We then make sure that all the documents necessary to stop foreclosure are properly prepared and that any questions you have about the procedures get answered.  Then you receive the paperwork to sign, and you can give your family (and your home!) a relieved hug.  Saved!

Foreclosure can be stopped. Your home can be saved. Call us at 1-866-415-HELP (1-866-415-4357) for your free, no-obligation consultation today!
Get a callback at your convenience and on our dime.  Simply fill out this form.  Your privacy is respected!
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We can help even when it seems hopeless

If any of the following circumstances apply, we can still save your home:

  • You're months and months behind in paying your mortgage.
  • You have poor credit.
  • You've lost your job.
  • You don't have the money you owe the bank or mortgage company.
  • You've tried to strike a deal with your lender and couldn't get to first base with them.

We become your advocate with your lender.  We explain the whole process to you and answer your questions.  We reassure you that the nightmare will end.  And as the final result, we save your home.

Time is of the essence, so call now.  The initial consultation is no-cost and confidential.  Call us at 1-866-415-HELP (1-866-415-4357) right now.

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